Words You Shouldn’t Say

Did I mention the book I wrote? It is a parent humor picture book entitled, “S***, D***, F***, and Other Words You Shouldn’t Say.” It’s about what happens when you accidentally swear in front of your kid, and the inevitable moment when they repeat you at the worst possible moment.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited to say my kickstarter is at 40% funded. There are 13 days left I think, so it could still happen. If anyone has any promotion suggestions I’d be happy to hear them!

The idea came about in a moment where I’d done something, maybe stubbed my toe or something, then swore in front of my toddler. (Or, I don’t think he was a toddler yet.) Of course I followed it up with, “Oh! Don’t say that!” It happened a few times and my sleep deprived brain thought it sounded like a refrain from a song or children’s book.

“Don’t say S***, it’s not polite.

Don’t say S***, for it’s not right.”

I told my hubby, and he encouraged me to write the book. While this was going on I became aware of parent friends around us talking about this very topic, accidentally swearing in front of their kids. It was like when I bought an orange car years ago and suddenly I started noticing that a lot of drivers had orange cars.

We still let the occasional swear slip. The Boy is old enough that he has started parroting it back to us, so that’s just wonderful. Lol. I have anxiety about him walking into our church and sharing his fun vocabulary with all his classmates. It hasn’t happened yet though. (Not to say he hasn’t found other embarrassing things to share with people at the church.)

So what about you? What are your experiences with kids and swearing? Funny stories?

And if you are interested, below is a link to my kickstarter.


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